Is retirement living right for you?

Take a moment to complete these questions to assist in determining if you or your loved one could benefit from a move to a retirement living community.

  1. Do you currently worry about your personal safety or health?
  2. Do you currently snack instead of eating balanced meals?
  3. Do you currently worry that in an emergency there is no one to hear you?
  4. Is the upkeep of your home becoming more than you can handle without assistance?
  5. Are you becoming increasingly dependent on others to assist you so that you can continue to live on your own?
  6. Are housekeeping and laundry becoming more difficult?
  7. Do you have to arrange your appointments and outings around others’ schedules, or is it difficult to find transportation?
  8. Are you often lonely?
  9. Are you having difficulty keeping up with your home maintenance or lawn care?
  10. Have you decreased the amount of time you spend involved in activities inside or outside your home?
  11. Do you want to regain your independence?

If you answered YES to three or more of these questions, it may be time to consider Villa Bella.

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